Established in 2003, with passion for lighting design, we firstly started our business in Delaware,USA. And for the past 10 years, with our elegant and modern style design, e-commerce website, 8 online lighting stores, over 120 agent retail stores, we sell lights all around the world, and have become one of the most popular and competitive residential lighting company in USA and Japan.

Not until long time ago, lighting is only the tool for brightening, to protect people from the darkness,to guide to the freedom.

After several industry revolutions, lighting=lamp became one of the important daily necessaries in our life.

Since about 10 years ago, most people started to realize lamp can not only bring us the lightness, but also decorate our environment,bring the harmony, create the comfortable atmosphere. Decorative lighting officially entered our daily life style since then.

NobleSpark was born in such a period.

Because of the lighting material revolution, many useful industry material have been developed for lighting use.Lighting use Polypropylene is just one of them. NobleSpark found there were so many earthquakes in Japan, and Polypropylene is light, flexible and hard to break. NobleSpark developed many nice designs for lamps, soon they became very popular in Japan.

not only Polypropylene, the glass ...

the wood ... We use a lot of different material to bring out the best charm of lighting.

NobleSpark, your best lighting partner for life.